Firm Congratulates Partner Michele Sherman Davenport on Advanced Degree Specialization in International Dispute Resolution

The Firm encourages its attorneys to continue their legal education throughout their careers. To that end, we are pleased to announce that the University of London has awarded Cameron LLP partner Michele Sherman Davenport a Postgraduate Diploma in Laws, with merit, with a specialization in International Dispute Resolution. Michele’s practice focuses on international trade and she is currently advising several government clients in connection with various international arbitrations. Michele notes that her graduate legal studies often overlap directly with her ongoing cases, and in several instances her exams included questions on international disputes in which she had participated as legal counsel. (Don’t we all wish we had such luck in law school!) Michele earned this advanced law degree as a long-distance student while continuing her full-time law practice. She is now completing work on an LL.M. (Master’s in Laws). Congratulations, Michele!