About Us

Founded in 1972, Cameron LLP is a law firm for demanding clients who expect results from their attorneys. In the areas of business law, commercial litigation, intellectual property, international trade, antitrust, environmental law, strategic communications, and other specialties, our clients have come to expect legal representation of the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

International in our outlook, we are structured to meet the needs of foreign clients doing business in the United States. Serving clients from all parts of the world, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of our clients’ home countries and business environments.

We have a thriving domestic practice which complements our international work. We advise U.S. companies in a wide range of domestic legal matters, as well as in cross-border transactions, disputes, and international trade law matters to the extent such investments or transactions are governed by U.S. law.

We are fortunate to have a broad client base, ranging from large, multinational conglomerates to entrepreneurial start-ups and individuals.

Cameron LLP prides itself on being responsive to clients and their needs. We seek to establish close working relationships with each of our clients and to educate ourselves concerning the practical aspects of their business. In this way, we are able to analyze their legal problems in a business context and provide sound, practical legal advice and services. We find that many of our foreign clients, in particular, are more comfortable working with a firm similar in size and philosophy to those in their home country.

We maintain close ties with lawyers throughout the world whom we call upon to work with us on matters involving multijurisdictional legal issues.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. For further information on the firm or our practice, please contact us.