Cameron LLP Client awarded Two Patents for Image Guided Catheter for Vascular Surgery

Cameron LLP client, Perceptive Navigation, of Baltimore, MD, has been awarded US Patent No.’s 8,403,858 and 8,403,859 on March 26, 2013, for innovations by Dr. Theodore Abraham of Johns Hopkins University Hospital in the field of ultrasonic imaging of surgical sites and minimally invasive vascular surgery. A further United States patent application was filed just prior to the issuance of the two newly issued patents. Perceptive Navigation also has Canadian and European patents pending.

Dr. Theodore Abraham has selected Mr. Ray Krauss to serve as CEO of Perceptive Navigation. Mr. Krauss will be focused on capital formation, development of a clinical prototype, identification of a contract manufacturing firm, clinical trials and regulatory approval in Europe and the US. Market introduction of the VuCathTM image-guided catheter is anticipated in early 2015. The disposable component of the VuCath system is expected to cost less than $200. The device will be directly inserted, for example, proximate the vessel (or organ) to be surgically corrected. An introducer needle will be ultrasonically viewable from catheter insertion to catheter placement at the surgical site; (no external imaging is required).

Cameron LLP’s Patent Group Leader, Thomas Jackson, prepared and prosecuted the patent applications to issue before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.