Cameron LLP Advises Raspberry Producers on Successful USDA National Research and Promotion Program Effort

The United States Department of Agriculture announced today that raspberry producers and importers voted to approve a national research and promotion program for processed raspberries. 88 percent of those voting in the referendum favored implementation of the proposed Processed Raspberry Promotion, Research and Information Order. The Order will create a 13-member council to carry out activities intended to strengthen the position of the processed raspberry industry in the marketplace. These activities will be funded by mandatory assessments paid by producers and importers. The Order is being implemented pursuant to the U.S. Commodity Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1996.

Cameron LLP represented the Chilean Processed Food Association (“Chilealimentos”) during this process. Chile is the largest exporter of processed raspberries to the U.S. The successful referendum followed nearly four years of closely coordinated efforts between U.S. and Chilean raspberry producers to develop a program that will work to the benefit of all producers. Notably, the 13-member council will include three importer members and two foreign producer members.

For a copy of the official U.S. Department of Agriculture press release, please click here.