Brian Wommack


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Cameron LLP
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Washington, D.C. 20006
Phone: (202) 293-3524
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Brian Wommack is a partner in Cameron LLP and manages the firm’s Strategic Communications practice. He has devoted his career to helping clients see around corners and solve problems — or seize opportunities — at the intersection of communications, public policy and law. He has worked closely with all three branches of the federal government, state governments, major global corporations, trade associations, charitable foundations and prominent individuals to achieve goals, promote and protect reputations and manage risk.

Whether you are launching a new business or product; managing a product recall, an executive transition, a bet-the-company lawsuit, or must-pass (or must-fail) legislation or regulations; or wrestling with some other complex and high-stakes communications challenge, Brian provides practical and actionable strategic counsel, serves as a tireless advocate and leads integrated campaigns to promote action or change opinion.

Providing services as a lawyer, lobbyist or communications strategist — and in hybrid roles drawing from each of these disciplines — Brian is a versatile and full-service counselor. He advises clients responding to investigations, whether conducted by congressional committees, federal agencies, foreign governments, boards of directors, grand juries or crusading investigative journalists — often helping to manage responses to parallel proceedings. He has helped clients across a variety of industries weather the dot-com collapse, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Enron meltdown, the great recession and numerous corporate, governmental and political scandals. He has also coached clients to position themselves more effectively, communicate more clearly and find and activate like-minded allies to support shared goals.

Recent engagements include:
  • Helping a trade association respond to an independent investigation raising significant reputational and legal challenges, and positioning ongoing organizational changes
  • Working with a consumer packaged goods company to manage the communications atmosphere surrounding a false advertising lawsuit, and subsequent successful introduction and positioning of new products in the same product category
  • Designing and facilitating an exercise for the senior leadership of a government contractor to improve the ability to coordinate and communicate in the face of a major data breach
  • Developing a crisis communications manual and digital playbook for a major food manufacturer and rolling out to executive and communications teams
  • Working with a financial services company to communicate internally and externally through a major organizational restructuring that included layoffs
  • Assisting a consumer lender in activating allies in opposition to proposed financial regulations
  • Helping a charitable organization develop its strategic communications platform, engage its donor community and tell more effective and compelling stories

Brian has clerked for a federal court judge, worked for leaders in both chambers of the U.S. Congress, and practiced at two prominent international law firms, a nationally recognized lobbying group and one of the world’s leading global communications consultancies. He earned his law degree with honors from the University of Illinois College of Law and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in English and political science from Duke University.


  • Washington, DC


  • Strategic Communications
  • Business & Corporate Law
  • Litigation


  • University of Illinois, J.D., 1994
  • Duke University, A.B., 1991